Which is Better Template or Custom Built Websites?

19 Jul 2018 by Ravi Sah
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Template Vs Custom Web Design

The importance of having a website is crucial these days. After all, they are your number 1 salesperson these days. Having a visually pleasing and well-designed website is necessary for anyone hoping to have a trustworthy and effective online presence.

However, whenever you decide to revamp or to design a website it becomes hard to decide which one is better - templates or a custom built websites. So, to help you out, we've taken the liberty to assist you in the confusing battle of Template Vs. Custom Websites. There's a full comparison and pros and cons for both to help you refine your judgments. So let's get started.

Template VS Custom Websites

Website built using WordPress or any other CMS could be custom, where the entire site is developed from scratch for a specific company to fit its needs. Moreover, people also prefer a pre-made template or "theme" purchased from developers or even download them for free.

The difference between template and custom websites largely depends on the functionality. It can also vary because of your needs, goals, and budget. So, let us dive deep into the main differences of model vs. custom design.

Difference Between Template and Custom Website Design

Template Web Design


Template websites are usually themes or layout that pre-designed and developed by developers. The users can then download or purchase them to populate the theme with their content. Some of the most popular platforms that work on themes and templates are WordPress, SquareSpace, and Wix, Joomla, etc.

While a custom-built website allows you for independent design and development possibilities, they're not required in all cases. For most of the business websites that only need a minimal online brochure or startups that just require a modest online presence, a template-based website is a great choice. They're perfect for customers with a tight budget, limited content, and little deadlines.


  • Cheaper to Build
  • Fast & Simple Development
  • Simplistic & Efficiently Customizable
  • Can Edit/Update Easily
  • Ability to quickly see the end design of the website


  • Limited Customization & Features
  • There might be code errors. The template could not make SEO-friendly or responsive.
  • Restricted functionality (custom e-commerce, portals, lead databases not fully supported)
  • Inefficient Support & Reliability
  • Limits Extension options
  • Not Unique (Tons of other sites could have the same template)
Custom Web Design

Custom Websites

On the other hand, having the custom website from scratch is crucial for service websites. They provide thorough information architecture, graphics, navigational structure, functions, and back-end dashboard for full customization. Moreover, a custom built website is all designed on the client's unique specifications. So, if you have well-established development guidelines for your company or brand's website, then custom websites are for you.

Having a custom built website means that that you would need to hire an outside design and development company to construct your website. So if you're an individual or a company, then you can choose the suitable firm that could craft a website specifically for your individual needs and wants.


  • Company Specific Customizations & Flexibility
  • Advanced Features & Functionality Available
  • Ideal for E-Commerce Websites, Portals, Analytics, etc.
  • Completely Unique & Beautiful
  • Ability to own, expand and customization every element
  • SEO Friendly, Mobile Friendly, or Browser friendly
  • In-house Support & Maintenance


  • Comparatively larger development cost
  • Takes time to develop
  • End results are not readily visible

Which is Better Custom Websites or Template?

Custom Websites Template
Tailored to your specification Based on a readymade template
Unique Design Simple Design
Flexible Minimal Flexibility
Scalability Limited Customization
SEO Friendly Not so SEO friendly
Time Taken Quick
Cost= $$$$ Cost= $

What's the Deciding Factor?

Should everyone use a template as it is becoming a new trend? Not really. In fact, for many, using a template on your website is a wrong move. Here are a few factors that can help you decide:


If you're a hobbyist and just want to share your passion with others, then a theme or template based website is ideal for you.


Unless you have a media publishing platform, there is no need to get a custom website design at first. You can always improve your designs later and import all previous articles at that time.

Startup / Product Website

So you have an incredible idea for which you can sell, getting it designed over a template wouldn't be enough. You have to hire a custom website design company that can help you satisfy all your development needs.

Proven Concepts

If you're looking to start another incredible social media, an e-commerce platform, or a forum that talks about dogs, maybe using a theme isn't the best idea.

We'll let this quote speak enough for all your doubts and questions -

"If it doesn't make money, it doesn't make sense."


All in All, the pros and cons of a template website doesn't make it better than a custom built website, and vice-versa. Determining which one is better for you entirely depends on various factors like requirements, budget, features, etc. One might attract you, and other might attract your co-founder.

In both, you can satisfy the necessary website requirements. All you have to do is figure out costs and time that your website would take to develop. This would be a crucial factor in deciding which one is perfect for you!

Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below, and let us know if you're interested in getting a custom built website for your brand or product.

Ravi Sah

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