15 Must Know Tips If You Want To Avoid Failure In Web Design

18 Apr 2016 by Ravi Sah
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Web Designing

Check the list of common mistakes that a web designer should avoid in order to design a website. A long research helps to enlist the crime which has to be never done by a web designer. You can find the top 15 possible mistakes in the below list.

1. Vague Idea About Client’s Requirement

Without having the clear knowledge about client’s need, you can end up making a wrong website which cannot match the imposed condition. Procrastinating or designing the irrelevant ideas resulting in the wastage of time and money. Understand the theme, make decisions, and install proper algorithms and brainstorms to design it perfectly.

Vague Idea About Client’s Requirement

2. Installation of Wrong Typography

Selection of typography is as equally important as the selection of fonts. There are lots of free places from where you can download fonts, but you need to be careful about the rights and legalities in order to complete the design in professional way.

Installation of Wrong Typography

3. Overloading Font

Formatting is a crucial part of web designing as the installation of so many fonts within a single piece can confuse the website viewer. It can give a page various layers or faces which is not expected. The typeface needs to be look like consistent or else you can use two fonts maximum to differentiate the highlighted areas.

Overloading Font

4. Over Utilization of Stock Images

You must avoid introducing Stock Images as the central focus of your designed website. However, some images of stock photography have become extremely familiar in the field of digital art. In order to show the originality you should hire a professional photographer rather than preferring stock images.

Over Utilization of Stock Images

5. Improper Saving of Files

Setting up files in correct formation is vital point of web design. Before printing, equip your file and data formats, color profiles, select fonts, and outline fonts. Print needs to be saved as CMYK at 300dpi.

Improper Saving of Files

6. Proof Read Failure

You need to cross check the design in terms of proofreading as the installation of spell checker must not instruct you the reasonable statement all the time. In the wrong condition spell checker will not be able to understand the difference between two words. As an example, you can consider “you’re” and “your”. Ideally, this is why you need to proofread your work always.

Proof Read Failure

7. Destructive Working

The above term indicates the dealing with this subject in a permanent manner. It means the pixel adjustments you need to do for the projects, cannot go back or having been unable to re-edit. In order to avoid such typical conditions, you should prefer layer marks rather than eraser tool.

Destructive Working

8. Complex URL structure

The link address or URL needs to be simple as it can improve your website ranking in the list of internet search engine. Easier URL address ensures the subscription across your website and make the reader comfortable to identify the page content before visiting.

Complex URL structure

9. Utilization of HTML tables

In order to design page layout you may prefer HTML tables which are really becoming slow in comparison with CSS. This CSS is more reliable and faster, providing many more attractive features which allow you to avoid the HTML tables for designing the pages.

Utilization of HTML tables

10. Failing to go through a checklist

After finishing the web design you should go for a checklist to re identify the spots and points you have missed out by the time of the project. It will make your performance better as the other eye pair can easily spot the mistake or missing points in order to sharpen the features of your designed website.

Failing to go through a checklist

11. Avoid “drop down” use navigation

Web readers are always capable of seeing the navigation tool directly. So do not use “drop down” technique which can hide important information regarding your website or can make him confused. The solution is text navigation, which is faster and reliable.

Avoid “drop down” use navigation

12. Making copy of others design

Innovation is the key factor of success in designing any web page. You can get inspired by other design work but, cannot copy it. This crime of copying is called plagiarism. You need to keep your work differentiate from others in order to have avail the success.

Making copy of others design

13. Improper use of QR code

QR code is something that makes your website or business unique from others. So the composition of QR code has to be perfect as nobody can decode it from the internet.

Improper use of QR code

14. Efficient shortcut methods

The utilization of key shortcuts can make you enable to meet your project deadline. It can increase your work efficiency whereas, you can create your own photoshop shortcuts too.

Efficient shortcut methods

15. Useful Logo

Choose an attractive logo depending on the current trends avoiding the entire selection.

Useful Logo

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