6 Ways to Boost Your Business in 2019

05 Mar 2019 by Ravi Sah
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6 Ways to Boost Your Business in 2019

Business in 2019 has taken an entire new dimension with digital marketing and social media marketing. However, apart from these, having an online presence is extremely important for modern business. But how does one create an online presence? If your website does not show up in the first few search results of a search engine, then you practically do not exist in the online world. I learnt this the hard way and that is when I realized the importance of SEO marketing and how it can help my website shows up first on the search engine results.

An SEO website can generate online leads for online business as it is specifically targeted to your website. The meaning of online presence in its entirety is that you are putting up data which has been actively created for your business and making it discoverable on the internet. SEO also helps to unite all the modes of online marketing like social media, search engine, blogs and any other online platform that you are using.

Here, I present you with 6 ways to boost your business online in 2019.

1. Redesign Your Website

Redesign Your Website

Give your website a completely new look and a drastic facelift by website redesign. It will help boost online business opportunities and also attract a lot of web traffic. I didn't at the time of launching my website that Google has many tools that can enhance your business and you can partner with the search engine giant to promote your business prospects. There are many more ways how you can promote like using social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp and link the promotions to your website.

2. Add Quality Content To Your Website

Add Quality Content To Your Website

By taking your business online and creating a website for your online presence, you should also have an online partner to keep your website at the top. The internet business is like a turning top and for it to keep turning, you have to constantly spin it. Similarly, your website content has to be recycled frequently so that it stays current and continues to show up as number one in online search results for chosen keywords. This is very important for the health of your business.

3. Build An App

Build An App

If your website deals with e-Commerce, building an app is a strategic move. People who are interested in your products will download and install your business app on their smartphones. Now they will have access to your website and products even when they are not near their computers. I would any day prefer using an app, which is more convenient, that getting onto a website.

4. Run A Marketing Campaign

Run A Marketing Campaign

Run an online campaign using social media marketing websites like Facebook and Twitter and many more. However, to run an active campaign, you need to be constantly tracking the responses and reply to them as well. If you are unable to devote enough time to the campaign, hire an online advertising partner who can take care of the campaigns for you. When I did this, it transformed my marketing campaigns and offered great ROI. Another effective way to attract web traffic to your website is through online blogging. Create interesting blogs with the right SEO keywords to attract web traffic and also make the blogs an interesting read related to your products. There are many content generators online who can do this for you for a small price.

5. Write A Sales Proposal

Write A Sales Proposal

A sales proposal should be drafted very carefully and also should look professional. I suggest that you hire a professional proposal writer, who can draft an excellent proposal which can sell immediately. Remember that this proposal will be online and several hundred of people will be downloading it and looking at it. So it has to look very neat and well-drafted. After all, a well-drafted sales proposal will be self-explanatory and you do not need to spend time further explaining it.

6. Power Up Your Analytics

Power Up Your Analytics

Google Analytics has changed the course of business online and every website which is buying or selling products will need the support of analytics. For you, as a layman, analytics may be complicated to understand in the beginning. However, there are several analytics experts who can do it for your and promote your business using this effective tool. They charge a small amount as their fees or take a small cut off from the percentage of profits from your business.


Having an online presence for your business is very effective but provided you do the right things for your business online. Continuous promotion and visibility are the key to the success of your online business. Learn from my mistakes and your online business will be successful.

Ravi Sah

Ravi Sah

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