10 Easy Seo Tips For Rookie Web Designers

21 May 2018 by Ravi Sah
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10 Easy Seo Tips For Rookie Web Designers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most vital aspects when it comes to the building websites online. This element is the backbone of website design and affects a number of other fields related to the website. A successful website places a lot of thought and care in its SEO and content development. SEO determines not only how high your website is rated on a search engine, but also affects the traffic or number of visitors to the site. Thus, it directly links into the sales and revenue that is generated on the website. The field of SEO is constantly evolving and requires website designers to be on their toes when it comes to creating an optimum design. Keeping this in mind, this article is designed to give 10 of the simplest SEO tips for designers.

Some of the most important SEO tips for designers are highlighted below...

1. Creating Optimized Content for Search Engine Spiders

Creating Optimized Content for Search Engine Spiders

The content posted on a website must not only keep in mind the requirements of the reader, but also keep in mind the requirements of the Search Engine Spiders. With respect to this, one of the most important things to do is to focus on creating the appropriate sub-headings, paragraphs, focus keywords, etc. while designing the website. Thus, the structuring of content plays a key role in how a websites SEO is rated.

2. Search Engine Friendly URLS

Search Engine Friendly URLS

This is one of the simplest SEO tips for designers of websites. Making the URL of the SEO friendly is not only one of the simplest but also one of the surest ways to improve the rating of the website. In order to do this, designers should focus on keeping the URL short and concise; essentially, the URL should convey a basic idea about the business. They should try including keywords in the URL as this also adds to its SEO friendly nature.

3. Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

This is an element that involves making a website compatible with a variety of platforms. Responsive web design is another important SEO tip for designers as it is a sure way to increase the SEO ranking of the website. As websites are no longer only accessed on desktops and laptops, it has become important to optimize content displayed and functionality on platforms such as smart phones, tablets, etc. Search engines like Google, rate websites compatible on multiple platforms higher than others and hence this is an important aspect to consider while designing a website.

4. Alt Tag Optimized Images

Alt Tag Optimized Images

While it is good to use images, they must be used carefully. Using certain dimensions and resolutions may decrease the chance of the webpage loading successfully and hence decreases the SEO. A good SEO tip for designers is to focus on the ALT text in an image. The image's ALT attributes should be descriptive and be in accordance with the W3C standards. Adding keywords, image headers, etc. to the ALT text can be helpful, in this regard.

5. External JavaScripts

External JavaScripts

JavaScripts and CSS can seriously affect the SEO rating of a website as they can affect the speed at which crawling devices go through the page as well as prevent the smooth working of the website on mobile phones. Thus, it is advisable that JavaScripts and CSS be externalized while dividing the website. Failure to do this can lead to several additional lines of code being created and hence prevent the crawlers from getting to the content fast enough.

6. User-Friendly Navigation

User Friendly Navigation

Navigation on a website is generally geared to be extremely user-friendly. One of the major SEO tips for designers of websites is to stick to using CSS and JavaScripts when trying to optimize SEO. These are still some of the easiest ways to create easily navigable websites without affecting SEO ranking.

7. Meta Data Optimisation

Meta Data Optimisation

This is an often-ignored aspect of websites which holds a lot of relevance with respect to SEO. Meta Data is extremely important as it can give both the users as well as crawlers a brief idea about the content and structure of the website. Using relevant page titles, keywords, etc. in this section can seriously boost an overall SEO score.

The SEO of a website plays a key role in making it stand out from competitor's websites and hence ensures its success. There are a lot of details that website and content developers must pay close attention to in order to ensure that their website gets a high SEO rating. Thus, we hope this article highlights some of the most important SEO tips for designers to keep in mind when they design a website and hence increase the chances of their website becoming successful.

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