55 Website Features Checklist For Small Business

19 Sep 2017 by Ravi Sah
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Website Features Checklist For Small Business

I think a website ought to be considerably more than a business card. Entrepreneurs know the significance of having a viable site to emerge in the aggressive business competition nowadays. Be that as it may, many individuals think about features of a good website design but don't have enough time to take this undertaking of building their site themselves.

While making a site, a great deal of entrepreneurs make fundamentally an online card i.e. site which incorporates an organization name, rundown of administrations and telephone number. Some may even include their social page. In any case, that is insufficient to draw in your client's mind. A site ought to be significantly more than a business card. On the off chance that you need your clients to pick you on web over your rivals, here is the website features checklist that you have to recollect. You are not the only one. You have to ensure you include quality substance, website features and functions, designs and connections on your site. Your rivals are on web also, so you have to emerge.

Here are 55 Website Features Checklist that you have to consider for your Small Business site.


  1. Domain: Easy to read and remember domain name help you get searched more on SERPS
  2. Logo: A logo which represents your business name clearly and with right color scheme.
  3. Tagline: representing what your business does and your business core values.
  4. Call to Action Button: Eye-catchy call to action button always make users either buy, subscribe, give contact details.
  5. Top Navigation: Eye-catchy call to action button to make you accessible on one click.
  6. Breadcrumb Navigation: On all pages for smooth navigation to make your website UI easy.

Above the Fold

  1. Image or Slider: Displaying unique selling point and differentiating factor of your business or your main headline.
  2. Call to Action Form: A form to get users fill contact details with right CTA button. Good for lead generation websites.

Below The Fold

  1. Quality Content: Written primarily for the user and then for search engine.
  2. Main Features: List of your products and services.
  3. Internal Links: Towards your website inner pages.


  1. Navigation: Footer Navigation menu.
  2. Social Media Button: To encourage users to follow you on various social channels.
  3. Online Chat Features: Good to have option for instant communication on the go.
  4. Business Hours: Office timings.
  5. Contact Information: Your Phone Number, Email ID.
  6. Reviews & Testimonials: Video testimonials can be even better than written plain text.

Inner Pages

  1. About us Content
  2. Inner Page Content
  3. Contact Form
  4. Captcha/Anti Spam Feature
  5. Privacy Policy Page
  6. FAQ Page
  7. Blog Page


  1. Comment Feature
  2. Search Bar
  3. Sidebar
  4. Social Media share
  5. Subscribe Form

Other Content/Design Points to Consider

  1. Easily Readable, Clean font
  2. Link that are easy to understand
  3. Mobile Responsive
  4. Hamburger Menu on Mobile Site
  5. Use Contrasting Colors
  6. Use a Spelling Checker

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

  1. Feature to easily update page titles, meta description, h1 tags
  2. Automatic sitemap creation
  3. Easy to update URL structure


  1. Fast and Reliable Hosting
  2. Automatic Website Backup Feature
  3. Secured Hosting

Technical Requirements Backend

  1. Optimized code for speed fast loading
  2. Use a Content Management System (CMS) in the Back End: allowing you to easily manage and maintain your website.
  3. Cross Browser Compatible
  4. Google Webmaster Tools Integration
  5. Google Analytics Tools Integration
  7. Use Browser Cache to Increase Website Load Speed

Things to Avoid On Your Site If You Can

  1. Do Not Upload Videos On The Website Server: use the power of Youtube and Vimeo instead.
  2. Avoid Background Music
  3. Do Not Use Flash Elements
  4. Avoid "Click to Enter" Your Website: users should be able to access your website without any extra clicks.
  5. Do Not Steal Content
  6. Do Not Share Your Confidential Information

I Just loved this simple and informative Infographic designed by They designed this infographic to develop a list of features they believe should be included with every small business website design.

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