What Are The Common Mistakes UI Designers Make When Creating Website Buttons?

04 May 2018 by Ravi Sah
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Websites are space on the internet that don't just provide a service but also provide opportunities for groups of people to meet and interact with each other. In order to improve the experiences as well as the transactions for both parties, website designing has become one of the most important aspects to think about when creating a new website. With respect to this, there are numerous points that Freelance User Interface (UI) Designers need to keep in mind while creating the website. Some of these include knowing the audience they will be catering design elements to maximize aesthetic appeal and the simplicity and efficiency of the design. Under this process, one of the most important aspects is designing or creating the Website buttons.

The buttons on a website are one of the primary sources of interaction between the website and the user. They are mostly of two main types- those that provide a way of submitting a selection and those that are connected to links. Thus, in designing a website, the freelance UI designers need to pay careful attention to the kinds of buttons they use and the functions that they serve.

Mistakes UI Designers Make When Creating Website Buttons

Some of the most common errors that occur in the field of freelance UI design while creating buttons for a website are highlighted below.

1. Small Buttons

Small Buttons

One of the most common error freelance UI designers make while designing a website is the use of buttons that are small. This may sometimes occur when there is a lack of space on the website page. However, doing this can impact the interaction that must take place as users may simply not see the button that they are required to press. Thus, one of the most basic things to remember is to make the buttons on a website big.

2. Buttons That Are Wrongly Placed

Buttons That Are Wrongly Placed

Generally, buttons placed on the left side provide the function of moving back to a previous page. At the same time, buttons on the right generally possess the function of moving the process forward. Thus, when it comes to placing buttons there are some general rules which must be followed. Sometimes, freelance UI designers will forget to place the button in an appropriate place or may place it in a spot that is not in accordance with these general rules. Thus, it causes an unnecessary hindrance to the user.

3. Lack Of A Home Button

Lack Of A Home Button

Many times, in freelance UI design, there is no proper button to allow users to navigate to the homepage of the website. Users may navigate to other parts of the website and then wish to return to the home page but may get stuck when there isn't an option to do so.

4. Buttons That Are Hard To Recognize

Buttons That Are Hard To Recognize

Freelance UI designers may often give buttons the same colour as that of the main web page. They may also create buttons that do not resemble a button or look like they cannot be clicked on.

5. Labelling


Furthermore, labelling of a button is an extremely important function. Many times, these labels may be misleading, incorrect or illegible and hence prevents the users from seeing the function clearly.

6. Fancy Buttons

Fancy Buttons

Many times, designers may attempt to place fancy buttons on the website in an attempt to make it more appealing to users. Users may not perceive these fancy buttons to be buttons at all and hence may not try to use them. Furthermore, the buttons may also turn out to be too flashy or jarring. This may cause them to be viewed as ugly and hence unappealing to many users. Thus, as a general rule, most good designers tend to keep the buttons simple and conventional.

7. "Reset" Button

Reset Button

Creating reset buttons on a website is undoubtedly a waste of space. It would be on very rare occasions that a user would be willing to/ require to reset all the information that is possibly required. Furthermore, the incorrect positioning of reset buttons may sometimes cause the user to accidentally click on them.

8. Too Many Buttons

Too Many Buttons

Freelance UI designers may sometimes flood a website with too many buttons. This causes the website to be cluttered and decreases the visual appeal. This aspect can also greatly confuse the users who may be looking for a simple option to choose from.

Thus, there are many aspects that freelance UI designers must keep in mind when installing buttons on the website. Hopefully, this article highlights the most important aspects to keep in mind and hence assists designers in creating appealing and user-friendly websites.

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