10 Qualities That Every Creative Web Designer Must Have

22 Feb 2017 by Ravi Sah
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Creative Web Designer

If you have always been a fan of creativity, internet and innovation, and passion towards the artistic spirit, then you must have been squandered all, the designing and sketch related stuff online. I was always fascinated by the website designs, how they could be changed for better, what sorts of colours would attract the users, and eventually I became a website designer. So, if you are still searching your career option or a startup owner looking for a good website designer for your project, then this is a good post to start with. I have compiled 10 of the most crucial skills and qualities that every Creative Website Designer must have.

1. Sound Expertise on Coding

The first and far most important way to spot a good web designer is to check hi coding skills and knowledge. Though it is not an essential for a creative guy to be proficient with the coding and be a specifically technical guy, then again, he/she should have a good command in at least 1-2 languages.

It is always profitable to hire a web designer who has mastered only one language rather than a guy who is aware of many different languages but is always founded on Stack Overflow to correct his bugs and code errors.

2. A Keen Eye for Design

A Keen Eye for Design

One more crucial differentiator is the artistic sense of the designer. A person who is always looking for new ideas, patterns, layouts and even a small animation in-between the websites, apps, and designs is the one you seek. Having a keen sense and eye for creative designing means you are going to create something that looks visually attractive and should also be efficiently integrated with the backend. Remember 70% of your audience visits the site again just because of its ease of use, design, and content. Rest of the 30% care for the technical knowledge available on the website.

3. Should be Aware of the Trends

One more important thing to look out for your designer is that he must be aware of all the on-going trends like parallax, responsive sides, integrated footage, and much more.

Java and CSS are not only the basic tools that your guy must be known to. There are a lot of other important designing assets like InVision, a tool used for the prototyping purposes.

4. His Work Should Reflect his Ideation

No matter how good the designer codes and ideates your visual designs, you always praise the final product, i.e. the website design or the UI for an online service. Be sure to look or enquire about your web designers portfolio. Since action speaks louder than words, you can quickly judge that how deep the designer can dig too. There are some designers who migrate from entirely different design to another and change the industry as well, while others get stuck in a repeated rut and follow the same designing trend or pattern in their work.

5. Should be Easily Able to Conceptualize & Ideate

It does not matter, what kind of designer you are, a graphic or web designer. You must be able to understand the designing concepts and the requirements. After all, the one thing thats going to work is to satisfy the whim of your client. Therefore, you should easily distinguish between the designing processes and the customers requirements while working under the proper budget.

Conceptualize & Ideate

It is very much important to design a website that explains the companys work, brand or the product that they want exposure for. After all, a website is a corporations identity nowadays.

6. Psychological Understanding of Web Visitors

This might not be a skill that you can easily identify in a designer. Since the final design or the product is going to be viewed or visited by the users only; the designer must have a psychological understanding of what impresses a website visitor or user. It can be either the knowledge of having the appealing colours that are pleasant to the eyes or the engaging animations and checkboxes. Visual influences are the primary causes, fashion and e-commerce websites keep it as simple as possible since their aim is only to highlight the selling product and not the site.

7. Should Be Aware of the User Engagement & Traction

Heat Map

It is cordially related to the previous point but in a more technical way. Make use of heat maps. A heat map is a remarkable tool that one can use to improve his wireframing and layout practices. A heat map correctly shows all the areas on the website or a page where the most of the users will most to click and see the content. Even though it is a small piece of information, but you can benefit a lot from it. You can place check boxes, forms, and promotional content on the most highlighted areas as it would increase your user traction on the website.

8. Internal Mark-up Coding Skills

Just like a tall building requires a solid base to setup, just like that a good website also requires a clean and structured internal coding, also known as Mark-up. The more efficient the code would be, the faster the website would load and run. The designer should always keep a check on the number of errors or design breakdowns during the testing. Before handling over the final design to client, he/she should reduce the error count to 0.

9. Should Pay Attention to the little things

The more observant you are, the better designer you will turn out later. The ability to see the minute details in a larger picture proves the artistic sense and observation power of the designer. These are real skills that are sold in the professional industry because everyone can learn to code, but only a few are aware of what you need to code.

10. Designs should be SEO Friendly

This just means that the website that you are designing for should be compatible with new rules and changes in the SEO, keywords, indexing, and other necessary things. One the more important point is to conduct a Broken Link Check as they are not healthy for the SEO of the clients website.

Final Words

The Design/UI is just like a joke. If you have to explain it, then its not okay. All in All, these are the top qualities that you must look for while hiring or choose a web designer. Same goes for the enthusiastic learner, who wants to make a career in this creative industry. Cheers!

Ravi Sah

Ravi Sah

Creative Head

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