5 Stereotypes About Web Design Industry That Are Not Always True

01 Jan 2020 by Ravi Sah
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5 Stereotypes About Web Design industry That Aren't Always True

Prevalence Of Stereotypes

Stereotypes and false notions are associated with all those Industries that are non-conventional and non-traditional, to say the least. An obstacle in the path of earning more money and respect from the society for a particular profession is the prevalence of misconceptions around it. One of these affected industries is the web design industry. In this sector also, those who are web design industry freelancers have to face these stereotypes more often than not. This is because they are not associated with a company that can be useful in busting most of the myths regarding job security and the scope in this industry.

The stereotypes are present not just around the job profile, which you are going to undertake when you join the web designing industry, but it will also have an effect on you as a professional. Therefore, you must be knowing about what all myths and misconceptions you will have to face and clear among people regarding your future job as a web designer. Many times we tend to disapprove of the stereotypes which exist around our work but do not have enough justification for telling the people that what they think about the job profile is very wrong.

The decade has seen the rise and expansion in the role of IT professionals by leaps and bounds. Until now, the owners of websites only knew about the development of the content on the web sites, which was done by programmers and specialized web developers, but now even the graphics that are seen on the websites, that are the most important source of an attracting the viewers are becoming a necessity for these website owners. For this purpose, more and more website owners want to hire web developers and designers. But along with the general public, even the notions of the owners of websites about web designers are faulty and false to some extent.

Most Common Stereotypes In The Web Design Industry

Therefore, to think of a justification for your defense, you need first to know the real misconceptions which people have about the sector you work in. The common web design industry freelancer can have a very hard time explaining the reality to the people who are in the oblivion of the real work profile of a web designer. In this article, let us take a look at the stereotypes which are present the industry of web designing.

1. One Man Army

One of the first stereotypes which have to be faced by web designing professional is to tackle the notion that web designing is an individualized process and that teamwork cannot be successful for designing a web page. The relevance of these stereotypes is dependent upon the nature of the individual.

In any sphere, you can spot people who are unable to work effectively in teams, but will give their best when they are allowed to work alone. Similar is the case with web designers. It has also been seen that creative inputs from a team of web designers have resulted in the shaping of some of the best digital campaigns.

Having said that, just like in any other sector, the success of a team depends on the relationship and interaction between the teammates. If the teammates are not comfortable in sharing creative ideas, then even web designing from the prism of teamwork will be a total failure.

2. Difficult Implementation

Another stereotype that the professionals from the web designing industry have to face is that these professionals are extremely creative. Therefore, they can come up with creative ideas very efficiently, but when it comes to the implementation of these concepts, then they take a lot of time. The truth is somewhat different from this notion. In the web designing industry, a concept is finalized only when all the stakeholders agree to the idea.

These stakeholders range from the web designers to the competition analysts and even the preferred customers. On the other hand, when the concept is finalized, which happens after a lot of hue and cry, the task of implementation is rather easy for web designers. This is because, at the end of the day, these web designers are also IT equipped individuals, and such methodical tasks of implementation are easier for them, something which most people do not know.

3. It's All About An Idea

Talking about the concept and implementation in the web designing industry, another stereotype associated with the same vertical is that the idea is the most important thing in the process of web designing. But this is not entirely true.

Once you have the idea, many things become simpler, but the fact that a lot of reconciliation and agreements have to be achieved before you can implement the idea completely is an uphill task in itself. Apart from this, a lot of IT work is also required to be done if we want to achieve the desired goal.

4. Men Are Better Than Women

You can label it as a broad societal stereotype, but the same is true in the case of web design the fact that most people consider male web designers superior to the females is a reality. This notion is based on the fact that most notable personalities from the web design industry being male workers themselves, but this does not prove that the skills that will web designers have in general are and superior to female workers.

Many of the recruiters have also claimed that female workers have a higher quotient in terms of creativity but are not given the kind of acknowledgment that the male web designers tend to receive.

5. Web Designer = Programmer

The most common stereotype surrounding a web designer is that a designer is a creative form of a programmer, but this is entirely false. The fact that the training of a web designer and a programmer are entirely different makes the cause of eliminating this stereotype more important.

Today, programmers are related to the development of many web pages, while the name of web designers itself suggests their role. The domain work of the web designers in the making of graphic designs for a web page so that it looks more appealing and attractive. Thus, the web design industry is very different from the programming sector. Although a web design industry freelancer can think of updating their skills by learning to program.

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