What is The Difference Between UX/UI & Web Designer?

11 May 2017 by Ravi Sah
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We have all overheard these conversations, walking down growing tech streets where the people are sitting with their laptop on, having discussions about the UX of a product, or any poor UI change in a website. Most of the time we ignore these kinds of discussion, but a sudden wave sub-conscious thoughts arise that what in the world are these terms, are these people just using slang to look cool? What is UI or UX?

Or is it the other way around? Are you prone to see weird and confuse faces when you tell someone that you're a UI Designer?

What about Web Designer? I guess this one is easy to explain however it is not the exactly same meaning you wanted to convey. Both the titles are a whole lot of different in "Design World" and people often associate all these terms to visual design only. The anatomy of these visually related words is definitely an interesting one to pour your concern into. So, let's get started.

UX and UI (The meaning is in the Acronym itself)

  • UX (User Experience)
  • UI (User Interface)

UX Design explains the to the term, User Experience Design, while UI stands for User Interface. The words experience and interface tell almost everything about the Job Titles. Both the elements are crucial to any product, whether digital or physical and work closely together.

Despite the terminological and professional relationship, both the roles themselves are entirely different, committing to very different parts of the design process and the discipline. A simple difference is that the UX Designer is a more associated with an analytical and technical field, a UI Designer is, on the other hand, closer to as graphic design, as the world refers to it. However, the responsibilities are somewhat more complex.

User Experience Web Designer

UX designing brings the critical analysis and logical thinking to the design process, mainly focusing on the designing systems, structure, funnels, and the flow that a user will take during the navigation or in functioning.

This user-centric design field considers what the user wants, the best way to fulfil their demands, and how to satisfy their whim. As I already mentioned, the navigation of a site - how a user surfs through the web page, how could they be held longer, how they find and access the information they want - is part of the user experience.

ux webdesigner

UX design is specifically aimed to take SEO (search engine optimisation) into consideration and restrictions and other web-specific requirements.

Moreover, UX Designers are not limited to the visual designing of the brand products. They are like the web architect, and the conceptualisation has many dimensions and simply helps your business to grow in multiple parameters:

  • For Online Businesses, they contribute to reduce the bounce rates, improve CTR, etc.
  • Perceives what a user thinks and alters the web flows to make it more engaging.
  • Site Mapping, Wireframing, Prototyping and Logical Data Analysis are the prime jobs of a UX Designer.

User Interface Web Designer

UI designer is more like a decorator that deals with styling and handles the graphic related stuff. It is mostly the unmeasurable aspect of visual designing.

The person is more of creative and feels what the user sees during the experience. You can find them playing with the colours, typography, design combination, graphics, photography, branding, and other visual elements.

ui webdesigner

User interface design is specifically client-centric reflects your brand's mission along with the comfort of browsing the website or the app. A good web interface designer takes into consideration the restrictions on coding, development and page load times.

  • The one who knows a lot and feels colours and colour combinations.
  • He/she who can convert your ideations and thought process into attractive UI elements.
  • Works with UI animations, colour pallets, and design trends, layouts effectively.

The Ice-Breaker

All in All, a good web design is the blend UX and UI together. The UI designer will understand and appreciate UX design, and vice versa.

ice breaker

Every UX designer and Interaction designer has had to justify them to the job market, somehow. The design isn't something that people notice, or realise is being done. And that doesn't change much, even with educating people on the meaning of design. Only showing people, giving good examples of what you do, is going to make them understand what your skill set is. And anyway, I believe that design is more about the mindset than skill set.

Ravi Sah

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