8 Design Trends for 2017 You Should Know Before Starting Your Website Design

27 Dec 2016 by Ravi Sah
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Design Trends  for 2017

As this year is coming to an end, and the bliss and excitement of 2017 are already cheering the people. As we all know, New Year brings new thrills, innovations, and creative designing ideas in the case of website designers.

Keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of all the new possible changes and design improvements that would take the website designing to a whole new level. These include new trends, new illustrations, and much more. So, without any further talking, lets see what we have thought of New Design Trends of 2017.

1. Micro-Mini Interactions

Micro-Mini Interactions

Lately, the use of Micro & Mini interactions has been increased drastically in the use of web designing. It is most used in the E-Commerce designs as they impact a lot in the design scheme. Integrated along with mobile and responsive designs, these micro-mini interactions can increase the user experience in a positive way. Vibration Alerts, Button Popups and several other communications make it easy for the user to get the most out of the website.

2. Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling

What once used to be the simplest element in a web design, Website Scrolling is now used in different interactive ways to present the content online. Though most of the designers used to keep most of the content above the fold, the tradition is now slowly fading away as the viewing devices and resolutions have changed drastically.

The parallax scrolling though is around for 2-3 years now; its still now widely used in the website designs. But newer implementations of Parallax coupled with animations and background videos makes the site more appealing. So, I guess it is going to be used a lot in the coming days.

3. Wider Implementation of Responsive Design

Wider Implementation of Responsive Design

Due to increased number of devices like smart TVs, smartphones with curved, etc. one thing that the designers are focusing is to make the design more responsive and supportable for all the different resolutions and devices. Its like more innovation in the devices, the most original implementation the designers will do with websites.

4. UI Patterns

UI Patterns

Though this year was all about material designs and minimal designs, the forthcoming year is expected to present the users with more user-friendly Interfaces & UX. Consider the examples of getting more simplified payment transaction designs and fast loading e-commerce websites for easy shopping.

5. Bespoke Illustrations

Bespoke Illustrations

One simple word for illustrations - Awesome! I mean the amount of effort and creativity that reflects in the designs of the illustrators make the website design more spectacular. Entirely new customized icon packs, header logo designs and animated visuals are going to be the most anticipated illustration designs for the coming year.

6. Gifs Animations & Videos

Gifs Animations & Videos

Animations and GIFs are going be used a lot in the upcoming website designs as they serve the various purpose for the website designs. Interactive loading, popups, and button animations are the major highlights.

The video, on the other hand, is going to be completely dynamic and would give a robust and long-lasting experience for the users instead of the old lifeless images.

7. Original Images/Personalization


The boring smiling poses of models and actors is not impactful anymore. Business owners are now focusing on authentic and original images rather than buying those boring stock images from the Shutterstock, etc.

8. Clean & Neat Typography/Bigger Fonts

Clean & Neat Typography

Last but not the least, Illustrators have been creating their new fonts and bold typography designs to make the website more appealing. The use of those boring Google fonts like Roboto, Opens Sans, and Lato should be decreased in the year 2017.

Thanks for reading, Hope you liked it.

Ravi Sah

Ravi Sah

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